martedì 12 novembre 2013

Shrinking hotel rooms

Da Financial Times Nov. 12, 2013 

Compact hotels are based on the idea that many will accept a smaller room and reduced facilities for a lower price and a good location. So what's on offer - and how tiny is too tiny?What's out there?CitizenM has 11 compact hotels either open or planned. Yotel has four and easyHotel has 20, while Premier Inn is trialling "hub" rooms (below) and will be opening its first full hub hotel in central London in 2014. Prices range from under £50 to more than £200.How small is too small?According to consultant Hotel & Leisure Advisors, median room size in the top 10 US hotel brands ranges from 6.3 square metres to 33 sq m. The rooms at the compact hotels above range from 7 sq m to 17 sq m.

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