sabato 23 marzo 2013

Italy Design Network


Project management, Building, Furniture, Wellness

Why do we start a new business (not fully new because it is the natural conclusion of 13 years of activity of

We are optimistic about the trend. We believe that Italian Tourism may restart promptly. And we are sure that Italian Lifestyle will be more and more requested all over the world.

As first step we acquired a small but eccellent Company called
One of our shareholders is a builder, working in Italy but also abroad.
We are aquainted with a number of top architects who are willing to share with us their know-how.

Our mission is to make "in house", this means full control of works, technical aspects, and costs.


A special thank to our graphic designers of Brucomela .

We have given tham a briefing that stated:
the logo shall talk of "Italy" "building" "construction" "solid" "network" "design"

This is what they have developed.

The "lettering" is very clear and simple. We have liked it.
But what is most intriguing is the dodecaedrum  a geometric figure representing a structure, a contruction, but also a network. This kind of figures had been studied by the greatest architect and italian genius Leonardo. And you may find them in a simple book by Luca Pacioli "De divina proportione".

For all these reasons we have thought that the dodecaedrum may properly represent the concept stemming our company.

The colour of the logo, apart from being outstanding, shows the "novelty" of the business and the relation with colours used by architects and designers.

We have been impressed also by another piece of news we came accross.

Archeologists have found a strange object related to the Roman Period, called the Roma Dodecaedrum, illustrated in picture.

They do not know what it is. A little explaination can be found here.

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